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Empower your employees

  • Spend 80% less time scheduling staff.
  • Seamlessly connect POS and HR systems to PassPoint
  • Build the work schedule in minutes.
  • Share and track it instantly.

Fill empty shifts quickly

Stop stressing and share available shifts with your team instantly.  Fill them on a first-come, first-served basis…or pick the most suitable person from a list of interested staff.

PassPoint even lets you offer a shift to qualified employees across other locations.  

Manage your schedule from any location

Simply create, copy, and publish schedules; manage shift swaps; and find replacements from any iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Your team lives on their phones—but shouldn’t need to download an app for work.  That’s why PassPoint is completely web-based.

Reduce wage costs

Accurately cost staff against sales data and never go over budget. Sync your employees’ pay rates directly from your payroll provider and make sure you know whenever overtime is being paid.

Some customers have reported seeing savings as large as:

0 %
Reduction in Labor Cost
0 x
Reduction in no shows

Schedule by skillset

Schedule employees according to their skills and qualifications. Whether it’s first aid, food preparation, or heavy machinery, track staff skillsets and schedule accordingly.

Some of Our Clients

No matter the size of your business, PassPoint is designed for you.  

CalSense and PassPoint

Choose the plan that works for you

Get started for free with a 14-day trial, no credit card needed, everything’s included.


$ 79/month up to 50 employees
  • Vaccination & Wellness Monitoring
  • Automated Employee Scheduling
  • Digital Check Lists


$ 99/month up to 50 employees per location
  • All from Basic plus
  • Multi-Level Access Control
  • Customizable Questionnaires


$ 199/Month Over 50 employees per location
  • All from Pro +
  • Corporate Branding
  • White Glove Onboarding
  • Dedicated Customer Support