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Focus on what matters...your people.

PassPoint’s A.I.-driven chatbot delivers the help you need by automating everyday HR tasks. 

  • Create automated surveys on your schedule
  • Deliver personalized HR support in seconds
  • Improve employee engagement
Improve Employee Engagement

Nearly 33% of new hires look for a new job within their first six months

Employees today, especially millennials, demand more than just “work” and “pay”

How do You get ahead of the curve and retain top talent?

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Surveys on your schedule

Mental health survey every other Friday?  Easy.  Symptom checking daily?  Done.  Create and administer surveys in minutes based on employee role, location, or schedule.

A recent Salesforce study found employees who feel heard are 4.6x more likely to give their best performance.

Giving your staff opportunities to share their voice is the first step to improving retention. 

Real-Time Insights

Collecting data is just the first part of the equation.  PassPoint’s real-time analytics and machine-learning algorithms help you drive change at every level.

Monitor employee happiness, efficiency, health, and mental wellness in real-time

Employee Engagement

PassPoint customers see up to a 2x increase in employee engagement with our dynamically created surveys.  Questions are given based on answers, so surveys aren’t stale.  

We also have all the common alerting and reminders that you’d expect from a technology platform. 

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Some of Our Clients

No matter the size of your business, PassPoint is designed for you.  

CalSense and PassPoint

Simple, Easy Pricing

PassPoint is committed to providing straight-forward pricing so you can focus on your business.  


$ 5/month per employee
  • A.I. Chatbot
  • Scheduled Surveys
  • Multi-Site Access Control
  • Email reminders and alerts


contact us For more than 250 employees
  • Everything in Corporate
  • Customized Surveys
  • Custom branding
  • Dedicated Account Specialist